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  1. tony zito

    triade theme made from other best themes

    good job man
  2. tony zito

    Replacing screen on VTBox 250

    I submitted a ticket, and am awaiting a response I hope they will take care of me on this one. I was even being really gentile with it
  3. tony zito

    Replacing screen on VTBox 250

    really?! how would I go about doing that? I just figured I was screwed/doomed,
  4. tony zito

    Replacing screen on VTBox 250

    any fix for a broken zif connector?
  5. Hi for the DNA 250, I see a few companies using Maxamps 100c discharge batteries. Is all of that burst power even usable? if not what sort of c rating should I be looking for?
  6. tony zito

    need advise on an enclosure

    I've looked at that 1, but I'm going to try to do a full wrap around laser engraving on it, like one of the madmodder boxes
  7. Hi I'm getting into doing some DNA builds, I have all the parts for a Dripp3d DNA 250 with 1300mah battery already, but I am thinking I want to do a larger one, that will look good with a 30mm atomizer, something with a 2280 or 3000 MaxAmps battery and I have a few questions will the Alpinetech 1590B be large enough? will they (Alpinetech) do the recess for a 30mm 510 connector? is it normal to not get response from Alpinetech? should I be ordering from someone else? if so who?
  8. tony zito

    Totally New & Stupid

    Hi There!Also new around here, I am currently enrolled in a few machine shop classes at my local University, and was thinking of doing my own box mod as a basic 2 piece CNC project. I was thrilled to find links to the Solidworks files, but I can't download them? can anyone advise?