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Found 24 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Theme from chainsaw man easy and simple to use profile let me know for more anime themed profiles
  2. Hello everyone I'm new to the evolv forums I just recently got a 250c yeah I know I'm late . I reset the mod back to factory defaults as I got it 2nd hand. My question is how do I change the watts increments I don't like .5 watt increments I knew how to on the older version of evolv but since I updated I'm not sure how. I also would like some help on the themes I see now that there is a theme creator which is cool and I'm still learning it. The old way was creating themes using the windows paint program and resizing the width and height of the picture is that still a thing people use and if so what are the recommended sizes? Thanks
  3. Motherboard : evolv dna 250 Device: hcigar vt250 After change battery charge not increasing. What to do? Please help me.
  4. hi i have a starrs dna 250 vape and im having a little trouble with the battery specs. I use 2x 18650 at 2500 mah, with 3.7v inserted i think, how do i get or make a csv file for those batteries. any and all help will be thanked. i already know about the mod tab, and the what-hour calc i need a discharge profile for my batteries, they are all the same they are INR18650-25R SAMSUNG SDI 5 2G93 at the top they have I1C7, J5G9 49C41 That is all the info i have on these batteries i just need help getting a discharge profile that is accurate and a good soft cell cutoff im currently set a 3.20V for the cutoff please help what you can thanks in advance
  5. Version 1.0.1


    Just got a DNA 250c and noticed a distinct lack of Mustaches. enjoy
  6. Hello there, I bought recently a Lost Vape Paranormal DNA 250 with 2x LG HG2 18650 3000mAh (brand new). For 1 week everything was all right, I charge it through USB without any problem. Now when I plug it (on computer, on charger, I tried with many), it blinks in red 3 seconds more or less, then turn to green as if it was fully charged. When I start EScribe, here is the result. As you will notice the USB power and current are both at 0. I tried a firmware update / USB Recovery Charge. I tried to charge the batteries with a battery charger and they charge (except it takes 10 hours because I've got a charger for 1 battery only). And sometimes... miracle... it charges again, without obvious reasons . But better not to unplug it at this moment or it will probably won't work again... Would you have an idea on this issue? Don't hesitate if you need more data. PS : The peaks in the cells voltage only appear if the USB charging is enabled, if not, the values are stable around 3.5 - 3.6 volts. Thank you in advance, Johann
  7. Hello, i was wondering if it's possible to have the command to initiate the hard reboot of a DNA 250. I'm trying to avoid the control that's asking me if the coil is a new one or the same one as before. The only two ways i found that work are to initiate a Hard Reboot from EScribe and (obviously) press the + or - buttons on the DNA (option not compatible with my application) . Eventually is there a command to simulate the pressing of the + or - buttons on the DNA 250? I've tried to set the Ohm Lock Range first to max, then to minimum but doesn' t solve my problem. Thanks in advance.
  8. HI, when i connect my triade dna 250 to escribe on windows 8 without using my batteries escribe does not read my mod giving me the not detected message while with batteries it works fine, i just don't want to connect my mod while using the battery as i know this is not good for the mod. pls help, thanks
  9. Hey everyone, I'm having some trouble with my Lost Vape Triade DNA 250. I was charging it last night, now all of the sudden there are "phantom button presses". The wattage up button seems to be pressing itself, because every time I try to fire the device the screen shows the error " POWER LOCKED, HOLD UP DOWN" and it simply won't fire. When I unlock the power, the wattage rolls up to the maximum. What could be the problem? I have been finding juice all over the device while using it... Do you think there is juice on the PCB, causing these button presses? If so, what do I do?? Thanks in advance for reading and commenting. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!!
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Settings file for the Lost Vape Drone DNA 167 BF mod. Battery analyser run for a pair of Sony VTC5A's. Material profiles from SteamEngine.
  11. I'm running an experiment and I'm setting the temperature limit through the Escribe software. However, I want the temperature limit to be above 300C or 600 F. is there a way through the escribe software or serial commands to set the limit above those?
  12. Houston, we've got a problem! I got the Paranormal DNA 166, 2 days ago, and I used my Ammit 25 Dual for 1 day without any issue. Suddenly the mod started to give me the message " Check Atomizer"! I tried every atty I got, Mesh, Manta, Mad Hatter, Kaylin, Goon 1.5 , Azeroth, and all are working perfectly. I thought that there is something wrong with my bulid; so I ripped the tank a part, and made a new build , and Gus's what?! , Same issue. I tried the tank with Lavabox M, Sxmini G class, Tesla touch, Vaporesso revenge, stick V8, and it worked perfectly. I thought that there must be an issue with that tank, until I tried another Ammit 25 Dual, but it gave me the same msg " Check fuckin Atomizer" Also I've restored the Paranormal default settings from escribe, and the issue still exists. - No issues with the 510 pin in the mod - I have the latest firmware So what do you think I can do more?!!
  13. I'm using dual SS 316 flat Clapton wire one Gone RDA, I would like to run the temperature control, but I'm not sure about my settings. I need your advice to select the right settings for that. Now, whenever I enable the TC and try to fire it stops and show me OFF.
  14. Hello. I have for some time been planning to buy a new mod and now I have concluded that a DNA 250 mod is the way to go, but it is very hard to find a mod I like, and I don't feel I have the time nor focus to build my own. I can spend at most 150USD and I would prefer a 2*18650 mod(can accept 3*18650 as well) but those I have found which I like all have leather on them which I personally feel is a very weird choice. I regularly clean my mods with IPA mixed with 30% water to make it a sterilising agent, it isn't the sterilization I want but I simply can't stand having my mod in any way "contaminated" with e-juice and IPA or 70% IPA + 30% H2O is super effective of cleaning of any residue from e juice with can feel sort of oily. May I ask someone who have a MOD with leather on it to tell me what they think about that material on a mod? I have also had plans on getting a 1*18650 mod, but now that DNA 250 is available I am hesitant on getting a DNA 75 mod, simply because as I understands it the DNA 250 has better efficiency. But I can't afford both so I think I am going to get a dual or triple battery DNA 250 mod. Do you have any suggestions for DNA 250 mods for up to 150USD? I really wish that I could get a mod with a trigger such as the H-PRIV 200 has, but it doesn't look like there are anyone making DNA 250 mods like the H-PRIV 200W. Besides the H-PRIV I also own a Cuboid 150W and I like that simple construction, I would ideally want something simple, clean made out of metal. I know this might be hard to help me with but I get quite confused while searching online for DNA 250 mods. Regards
  15. Hi I'm getting into doing some DNA builds, I have all the parts for a Dripp3d DNA 250 with 1300mah battery already, but I am thinking I want to do a larger one, that will look good with a 30mm atomizer, something with a 2280 or 3000 MaxAmps battery and I have a few questions will the Alpinetech 1590B be large enough? will they (Alpinetech) do the recess for a 30mm 510 connector? is it normal to not get response from Alpinetech? should I be ordering from someone else? if so who?
  16. I’m using 26ga ss316l for a month and using it in TC mode as it supposed to and I get aroun 0,26 with 7wraps(dual). If I use the wire in the image, will it be safe and does ohm matter in TC mode? Thanks in advance. P.S.: More wraps than 8 doesn’t fit my atomizer and I assume as fused claptons more than 6 will be too big for it. I own a Pilgrim GTA. Also, I did a little research and it does support 0,08ohm+
  17. Hello, even configured 100% all brightness settings, the screen light seems very darkly no matter what i do, only way to see 100% like i set it is random when press fire. Every suggestion will appreciate, Ty.
  18. So.... I've just noticed a problem with my Triade DNA250. I put one set of batteries in and they are fully charged. The battery reading on the mod says 84%.. I tried with 2 different sets of batteries and both sets read 84% . Both sets are fully charged. I tried download a CSV file and that didn't help... I'm having a hell of a time with it. I would really like to fix this issue. I love this mod. Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone know a possible fix for this issue?? If someone could help me I would appreciate it so much... Thank you for your time.
  19. Hello, everyone! First of all, it's my first DNA mod and I know just nothing about it and all the stuff, so please help! This morning I got my new tuglyfe dna250, so when I took it from the box it was switched off, pressing the buttons didn't help me to switch it on, so the most logical decision for me was to charge it, so I connected it to my pc and it turned on but the screen wasn't bright at all and the charge was at 0 %. I downloaded evolve software to check out if everything is working correctly, but as the Escribe showed me, the battery wasn't even charged for 1% and all the battery cells were empty. So I left it alone for 3 hours, hoping it will charge even a little bit but in fact, it didn't. Is there any way I can fix that? any chances that batteries are not dead? Thank you!
  20. Need a complete tutorial on how to install a dna 250 board on a rx2/3 mod especially wiring. A video would be awesome. Please, thanks.
  21. Version 1.0.0


    Simple Evolv DNA 250 theme
  22. Alright, so about a week ago I dropped my mod and the batteries fell out. Once I put them back in, the mod will not turn on. If I plug it into a USB plugin, it will turn on but when you try to fire it, it just displays a message saying shorted. Is there a way to fix this or is the mod shot?
  23. Im having issues with the battery contacts of my finder 167, it seems like the batteries are not making good contact with battery pins resulting to the mod not turning on. I think the battery is pretty loose inside the sled. Is there anyway I can make it a tight fit? Anybody? Please. For the meantime, i placed a small piece of wire between the positive side of the battery and the positive contact. And its working. I need a good permanent solution to this issue. I dont if its safe or not. Appreciate any help. Thanks.
  24. Hi, I'm new on the forum and I have just receveid a vtbox DNA 250 after my dear wismec 2/3. I'm also new with escribe, but after a lot of videos I'm now a bit pratical of it and I want to ask you if you can give me some advices of settings. I use the ss316l and kantal a1, what are your advices? Can you attach an image of your configuration? Also with other type of wire, thanks.
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