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  1. Just like the Let's see series for the 75 and 200, let's see those 250 mods everyone is rocking. October is nearing and there will be more on the market soon, but I know there are some out there who already have the boards in some sick mods. Post pictures and give a description of your mod.
  2. Maxamps.com They custom make batteries to order so you know they are fresh. They have a list of batteries according to mah. Select what you think will work, select the 3S option, and check the dimensions all right there on the site. I order all my batteries for my custom mods there. It is also nice because you can select a connector that they will attach to the battery for you.
  3. I highly suggest Maxamps.com. Simply search through all the lipos that you like based off of Mah. Make sure it is a 3S. And check the dimensions to be sure it will fit in whatever enclosure you decide to use. They are also awesome because you can select a connector that you want to come attached to the battery and they make all their batteries fresh to order. No buying batteries off a shelf not knowing how old they are.
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