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  2. Hi guys, I just receive my DNA GO this week and I am pretty confuse with it. I don't know how to find the prefect setting for 60PG/40VG 30ml FOSV juice. My DNA GO gave me a thinner taste than ZERO. Does anyone have any experience with DNA GO and FOSV juice here? Thx you very much!!!
  3. Hey bro, Thanks for your sharing. May I know which juice u r using now? I feel my FOSV e-juice becomes thinner than ZERO and I can't find out the reason. Many thx.
  4. Wayneo

    LV Mirage Replay Enabled but

    Well, let me ask you a few questions, and tell you my assumptions. Do you have any C mod with Replay working at all? And do you want that theme on all your mods? Hopefully my printscreen will get you going with Replay. My assumptions would be; You have both C and non color mods, as well as 75's and 2xx mods. All of mine are setup the same (material or feature wise) except for the few unicorns. I think all you need to do is ensure all your mods are at the latest firmware included in SP19. If you have been jiggying with your Profiles, at least you now know how to set one up.
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  6. dwcraig1

    SS 316L Materials Profile

    Have a look here, perhaps it will be of some help.
  7. Sara Turner

    SS 316L Materials Profile

    hello can someome point me the direction for ss316L v1.5 ? i had it downloaded on on my pc that died and ive been looking for that profile and cant find it now. im almost positive i had originally downloaded from this forum. thanks so much sara
  8. Sara Turner

    LV Mirage Replay Enabled but

    Hi Wayne, I have several Therions and Paranormals that I Uploaded Replay successfully last April but for the life of me I cant get it to work now on 3 LV Mirage 75C and a couple of Thors. International Version V2.0 SP19 I tried downloading the SP33 but it just comes back to this one. Maybe I should uninstall then do a clean reinstall? Ive tried several Themes that include Replay like DLBs modified, Franks Mirage w Replay, and Clean Colors which all include Replay. The Replay box shows uo but it is empty and unable to select it. Ive uploaded Replay previously on my Therions and Paranormal so I'm stumped . You mentioned sending you file. Let me where I find it Thanks Sara
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  10. Sara Turner

    SS 316L v1.5

    Hi everybody! Hope you all are enjoying the long weekend! ok back to business. I have a new PC and I’m uploading themes & materials to a new mod. I know that I had downloaded a SS316l V1.5 or something like that from somewhere on this forum but for the life of me I can’t find. Can anyone help me out and point me in the right direction? Thanks so much. Sara
  11. Простая тема для DNA250c на русском языке. Предлагайте что поменять. simple.ecigtheme
  12. gwyar

    Lion ITA by Jake

    Normally, I'm not a fan of "real" background images in the menus because legibility suffers - but here the wallpaper is chosen or edited to keep the fonts easily recognizable. Good work 👍
  13. Likeawhite

    Lion ITA by Jake

    Veramente bella e ben fatta!!Complimenti!!!
  14. etab75

    Conditional Automatic Toggle

    No, there is no display time option so its impossible to manipulate any of the toggles to do such wizardry. Shame, because I can see that being quite a useful option in theme design.
  15. Jake1908

    Lion ITA by Jake

    Version 1.1.0


    Lion ITA by Jake
  16. Just recently got the DNA go. I use the 0.5 pods with 50mg nic. My settings are 8-10-12W with 0 boost and 1 replay. My pods are still getting burnt too fast. I would say the 3rd day its already going bad. Anybody know what could be the issue?
  17. If I load settings from triade (working great) to escribe can I then copy that exact setup (settings) to the hcigar vt75c , (seems that will work just have not tried)
  18. Thanks, seems like an easy mistake to make.
  19. Well don't do like I did a couple of weeks ago. I accepted the setting from atomizer analyzer but fogot to upload to device so I had to do it again.
  20. I'm a quick learner. I'll only ask 1 question at a time after this.
  21. Thanks @Wayneo, I am pretty sure they are exact same material (I will triple check) and the resistance reads the same for the atomizer on both mods. Only difference I could see is room temp is 10 degress or so higher on hcigar. I was going to try case analyzer in the am
  22. There are many knowledgeable mods and users here that could help you, you don't need to wait for me. This could be many things, or a combination of things. What do you mean "doesn't perform nearly as well" ? Are they both using the same 'material' file? Are you sure they're both using ALL the same profile settings? Do they both read/show a similar coil resistance when cold/ambient temp?
  23. Adam_Aves

    Case Analyzer/Thermal Settings

    Hi, where in escribe is case analyzer found? My triade 250c shows room temp of 74 degrees,my new hcigar vt75c shows room temp 84 degrees and the performance is not nearly as good in ss316l mode. I am just starting to troubleshoot. Thanks
  24. Hi @Wayneo, I wanted to ask you. My triade works great in tc ss316l mode. My new hcigar vt75c with the same settings doesn't perform nearly as well. Where should I start with troubleshooting? I noticed room temp is 74 in triade and 84 on hcigar.
  25. That would be my first choice as well.
  26. thanks have brought a inokinn ares so I can build with different metals
  27. Thanks, very annoying given the price of the device. Ill open a ticket with evolv because i don't want to send it back across the planet.
  28. The voltage on cell # 1 pretty much tells whats up. Note that the voltage on cell 1 is higher than 4.2 volts. (it's not though). The battery management chip is defective. You can try to return to seller/maker or start a ticket with Evolv.
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