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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Took the original Gauges theme from SirTimmyTimbit and made everything as amber as possible to match with my ultem mods/tanks.
  2. Is there a way to pull the font from a theme? I love the font on the Vapedroid theme, but can't get the font into my own custom theme.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Took @ScaryMonkeyMan Vapeboy 3000 theme and made everything red to work better on red mods. If things are hard to see, swapping out the red background for a plain black one works wonders.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Using @Gavnaf Arctic Fox theme, I changed things around to work better on a red colored mod. The only things I changed were the colors on the lock screen and main screen.
  5. Mine is pretty much the same. I did a factory reset and still no go. I'm just going to wait on Sir to get back to me.
  6. That theme works just fine. Went back to Gauges after and battery meter is still missing. Tried a few others and they work fine. Just that any theme that has that big battery icon on the screen doesn't work. Odd...
  7. I can do this tomorrow at work. What's this theme though?
  8. I did that right before taking the picture of my mod in the post above (tried reinstalling it several times with a few defaulting now and then, pulling the battery out overnight, both US and INT firmware) I have the INT firmware that was recommended by Sir.
  9. That's not it. It does it all the time regardless if usb is connected or not. I'm stumped by this. I just downloaded the theme on day one and it worked 100%. On day two, any theme that has an animated battery meter like that doesn't work at all. I guess I'm stuck with Vapeboy 3000 as that's working just fine for me.
  10. How do you do a hard reboot? I've done battery pulls. And the thing was, when I started playing around with it the themes worked just fine. I had Gauges as my first theme and it was perfect. Just a little too dark for my screen so I went to Vapeboy 3000 and some others. Decided I wanted to try the Gauges again and battery animation/icon was not there. I'm on 1.1 33.2 as well. Whatever the latest version is.
  11. I was playing around with some themes for my new Mono SQ, and now any theme that has a live battery meter on the lock screen won't show the battery at all. Example is Gauges by SitTimmyTimbit. All I will see is the amperage, time, and battery percentage on the screen. I won't see the battery image at all. Same goes for Big Font Clear. Tried resetting my device to default (both US and INT) versions with no change. Using eScribe SP19. I even tried to roll back to an older version of the theme from my backups and same thing. Any ideas?
  12. Yes. I have it set to 5 clicks for lock/unlock. I speak of power on. When I power it on, it's unlocked.
  13. Thank you for this information. I've already modified the screen timings as I hate the screen being on too long. I know there's a way to change the number of clicks to lock/unlock. My biggest issue is when the device wakes from sleep, it only takes one button press. I'd rather it take 5 presses to wake from sleep/power on (not unlock).
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