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  1. I did notice mine did the "weak puff" alot more often with the .2 single coil. Now I have a .37 single coil it doesn't do it that often.
  2. Hi there.. Im 1 with the issue but don't own a computer to go on escribe 😥
  3. My bad bro. Im not here often to know how these threads work. I just came across your "what batt" question so wanted to answer the question!!
  4. Sorry man... I don't own a computer so I have no way to even try and fix. Hopefully someone can find a solution to this.
  5. It did it with screen on, off & stealth. All my 30Ts are brand new via IMR and tried few different one's. Still does it.
  6. My build NOT low and it should fire a .1 with a 30amp batt. At least until batt hits 3.5ish volts. I understand "we" should be using a higher build in a single batt mod but should stipl work.
  7. Yup definitely not suppose to do. Have you tried to contact Ginger Vapor about this. I did and they told me my build is too low lmao (.37)
  8. Mine just did it with stealth mode on & a samsung 30T true 35amp batt..
  9. Also "Truckin Reviews" from y.t got his & it stopped working completely after few pulls. He's currently getn that sorta out now via warranty.
  10. Don't take this wrong but im glad someone else witnessed this. Ginger & his I.G buddy tried saying im lying lol They will prob ban me now.
  11. See my batt at 3.53v and still getting my 50wts. So it should've never fire at 16wts them 2 times at 3.58v. See to me thats not normal. And didn't get "weak batt" when hit at 16wts. Im now at 3.51v and still getn the 50wts!! So im so confused on why it hit at 16wts them couple times. Weird
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