Material-ish Fire - DNA75c - DNA250c Optimized 1.1.2

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About This File


A material colored theme for DNA75c and DNA250c. Customization options far beyond what's featured in the default Evolv theme. 


  • You can press the fire button to exit out of a screen that doesn't have a back button. 
  • There is a slight delay before boost/pre-heat options become selectible when you click enable. There is also a slight delay before they deactivate when you click disable.
  • When you click to change the profile on the main screen, the contrast on the highlighted profile name isn't very high. Unfortunately due to the current limitation of the Theme Designer and my inability to find a better combination I'm not sure when this will change.
  • LED colors styled to the theme.
  • I don't have a DNA250c device to test the theme. Please let me know if you find a bug or a feature that isn't implemented correctly.

I made this version with the new DNA250c Paranormals in mind. I think it would look good on the darker ones especially. I'd love to see some handchecks if you're using it on a Paranormal!

Also check out the other version of this theme


What's New in Version 1.1.2   See changelog



  • You can now interchange the temperature and power field on the main screen. Go to Menu > Settings and enable "Big Temp"
  •  Resistance wasn't updating to show the current resistance as you fire. It's fixed now.

What's New in Version 1.1.1

  • Removed all instances of temp adjustment on replay profiles.
  • On replay profiles the middle right field on the main screen now shows puff time on replay profiles until you hit save. 

What's New in Version 1.1.0

DNA75c now supports replay!

DNA75c now supports replay with the new international firmware 1.1 SP33.2 INT. As such I no longer need to maintain two separate versions of the theme. You can flash the same Material-ish Fire 1.1.0 theme file on both DNA250c and DNA75c.

You have to have 1.1 SP33.2 INT firmware flashed on your DNA75c device for this theme to work.

  • Made a few compatibility related tweaks.  
  • Tweaked how replay looks.
  • Resistance lock status icons have been changed once again. Resistance locking from the atomizer screen now functions similar to the lock icons in the Gauges theme. Sorry to have made so many changes to this.
  • Last puff and Live Puff screens now shows the puff counter.
  • Previously the main screen linked to the Live Puff screen. Now it links to the Last Puff screen.

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Nice job !

Very clean, easy to find, with all the bells & whistles.

Thanks for sharing

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Tiago Afonso

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Great work and innovative design! 

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rob cuisinier

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verry nice theme keep the good work thanks 




                                               gr rob.

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Great theme.  Very clear and some great design features.  Thanks for sharing your hard work :)

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Love it Tim, you have another winner, thanks for the work and taking the time to create great themes. :thumb:

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