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  1. That makes perfect sense. So if the warmth was already set at 5 for example when you save puff, would lowering it cool it down from what you saved?
  2. Not sure myself what warmth is! Maybe is slightly increased the temperature of the vape. That's the logical answer. Stealth turns the display off when you vape. So you can stealth vape when it's dark I presume! Maybe you don't want to light up the bedroom when you vape lol Values 0 - 3; 0 is stealth mod off, 1 being fairly unnoticeable to being off, 2 slightly dimmer and 3 the screen is totally off. To turn the display back on, you press the function button.
  3. Try re reading the ohms when it wakes up? See if it's gone down. Not had any issues with that myself.
  4. It's a tricky one to explain and not very intuitive. But in the theme designer, 1. Go to the screen that has the wattage displayed. You may have to select the tab 'Temp Sensing Material or Can Replay' depending how the theme is set up. 2. Click on the watts number 3. Click on 'options' under 'source' 4. Change decimal places to '0' 5. Change step size to '1' If you'd rather, I'm happy to change it for you if you save the theme you're using and post the file on this thread. I can amend and post it in a reply.
  5. Hi Tim. Just tried uploading 1.4 onto the 250c and got an error (see attached). The size of the preheat toggle on the Main Profile page was set to 15, 16 and the image is 15, 15. I hope you don't mind, but I've changed it and attached the version with the correct size to match the image to save you a bit of time. DNA250c-Gauges-1.4.0.ecigtheme
    Great theme. Very clear and some great design features. Thanks for sharing your hard work
  6. Great tank. I use the Siren 2 and Berserker Mini for when clouds aren't welcome lol
  7. Digiflavor supply Kanthal, Ni80 and SS mesh with the RDA. Sounds like you were unlucky by using either the Kanthal or Ni80. Replay will only activate when a large enough change in resistance is registered when you fire the mod. As you probably know, Kanthal and Ni80 don't really change.
  8. Version 1.0.1


    A simple, yet effective theme I modified from the supplied theme from Lost Vape, that has all the information and functionality I need and hopefully will be good for you too. The picture can be changed easily within the theme designer The date format is in dd/mm/yy as I am from the UK, but this can be changed quite easily. The power and temperature increase/decrease in 1 watt/degree increments. I have added a simple 'button lock' screen which is not a lock screen, just a screen with the time and a picture without the danger of turning replay off etc. The device can be fired f
  9. Just been playing and if you reduce the clicks in the lock screen menu to 3 it locks in 5/6 clicks
  10. Thanks for that. Just tried and it does lock after a while. Will do me for now until it's fixed. I can live with that.
  11. Does your PC make the USB device plugged in noise when you attach it? If not, you may be using a charge only cable. Your Escribe should look like this when you open it if you have downloaded and installed the one from the link above.
  12. I tried the administrator thing and it didn't work. It's the version of Escribe you're using. Mine works A+ now. I know this as it's given me a headache already
  13. Hi Tim. Fantastic theme. Just started using it and love it. One thing, I cannot lock the device. All settings seem fine, but 5x click does not lock it. 250c by the way :-)
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