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Hyperion 100c new user - is this normal?


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Recently bought the Hyperion 100C, my first DNA device, and although its otherwise a great mod, I have noticed a couple things - whenever I remove the battery the stats deviate (data not properly retained) eg the puff counter might be say 600 before I remove battery, but after replacing it will read maybe 400 something? Same with the energy & time data. And in both the 'Total's' and 'Since last reset'.

Also (and more significantly), it periodically fails to recognize the SS316L coils as TC compatible, despite previously working correctly & nothing having changed, and nothing obvious being the cause. And when I try the same atty on other devices they have no issues with TC. I have another atty, and that won't register as TC compatible either under this condition.

I have to remove the battery (sometimes takes several attempts) before it will recognize them as TC compatible & start working correctly again.

I've never had a mod that doesn't hold it's puff count between battery changes, or has such issues with detecting TC materials, so I'm guessing the device is defective but I thought I would ask here in case there's something I'm missing, and if I'm gonna send it back it would help to confirm what is normal (or not) and whether these 2 issues might be related.

Any comments or advice is welcome,


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Try Dubious or Unlikely setting for your SS coil.

The puff counter... yes... I wish they would fix that.

Time and date. There is a tiny backup battery soldered on the board that should keep for a few minutes without a battery. But if you wait too long changing batteries, that backup battery will be drained.

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No idea about the puff count issue as it's useless to me, but not all Fire button presses are puffs, and those get cleaned up when plugged into your PC that also has escribe. (But I have heard this before)
Here's a thought, what theme are you running?

8 hours ago, Brainfog said:

Also (and more significantly), it periodically fails to recognize the SS316L coils as TC compatible, despite previously working correctly & nothing having changed, and nothing obvious being the cause

How can you tell when this happens and when does it happen?
TC requires your coil and atty to be room temp when you start. By removing the battery 2 things happen. It allows the coil to cool more and it also forces your mod to reread the Ω's. But YOU should also re-measure the Ω's so it's written into the mod.

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Thanks heaps for info guys - helpful to know that the puff count issue isn't just me. Not a big issue in itself,  just helps to know whether it was particular to my device as a possible symptom of some deeper issue.

The theme I've been running is Digital remix Landscape1.0.2.

The TC issue seems to be totally random - I'll be puffing away and suddenly it's reporting that the coil is 'Not TC compatible' * (& reduces to operating without any temp-control features) even though it's been operating with no problem and nothing has changed whatsoever.  I only mentioned the battery removal cos that seems to be the only way to get the device to 'reset' so that it again recognizes the coil as TC compatible.  Re-reading the Ohm's, changing atty's, changing various settings doesn't help - and even removing & replacing the battery sometimes takes a few attempts before it 'fixes' itself & returns to normal TC operation.

As suggested, I will set the 'Mod > Safety > Replay' setting to 'Allow on unlikely coils'  (it was already set for 'Allow on dubious'), although I haven't really been using the Replay function, just the Temp Control profile for SS.

Something else I've noticed - the reported room temp always seems to be around 5-6 degrees C too high? It will report maybe 24 degrees C when the room is more like 18-19? (Even when the device has been sitting on the desk, unused for several hours) Is this normal? Should I adjust the temp down to actual/real room temp when I'm setting the initial coil resistance? I could understand the discrepancy if it had been in my pocket, or was still warm from being used but this is not the case.

*edit - actually it reads 'NOT A TEMP COIL ON A TC PROFILE'


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Here is a snippet of my SS316 coil firing in Devise Monitor, while your resistance may be different. Notice the percentage change from cold to hot. 


ss316 cropped.png

Also use Atomizer Analyzer to see that your atomizer is making a solid connection. It should have a good connection before it bottoms out.

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