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Can't reach the wattage


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Hi guys,

So I've been stuck in this situation for about 2 week and still found no answer
Every time I use a 0.15 coil always fire at around 40w ( I set at 65w ) for no reason and I'm using wattage mode, I've search on gg and found that some said because of the tc mode but I don't see any tc in watt mode (lol) how do I fix this ?
btw I don't think this problem from the battery because I use cylad 18650 40A on both z100c & sx mini mx class, the sx can fire up to 80w while the geekvape z100c can fire around 40w
device : geekvape z100c 
tank : wotofo profile m rta with adapter



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The wire type needs to be something other than kanthal or nichrome and be in a profile for temp wire for temp vaping to be activated. Use the appropriate profile. Example Watts profile with Watts selected for material, no temperature control there.

Does your voltage drop change a lot after it get warm? Where does the heat appear to come from? 

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