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I'm a beginner. Can I ask you a few questions how to use the escribe?


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hi, I'm a beginner vaper in Korea.

I'm not good at English, but I have a question.

Can I know the data before resetting on escribe? 

- I couldn't get the color I wanted, so I bought it from a Korean vaper, but I think he lied about the date of purchase. The device is already reset.

Can I know the date of first access of the vaper who sold the thelema dna250c to me or the information on the period of use of all users?

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I realized what you mean!

No matter how many times I reset it, the total puff is 937. And this is a total puff that doesn't change even if I reset it.

I was confused because there was no Korean translation version and it was my first time on a DNA device.

Thank you for your kind answers even though I am not good at English.



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