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SS904L Mesh Coil and Replay


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I've got a Lost Vape Hyperion with the 100C and wanted to see if I could use Replay with a UB Pro pod tank coupled with the P3 coil. This coil is 0.3 Ohm SS904L mesh and, according to Lost Vape, should work OK in TC mode. My (limited) understanding is that Replay on the DNA will work as long as the coil has some TC properties. And, using the default theme, the mod will let me save my puff.

However, the Replay doesn't seem to work when the coil is cold.

The monitor capture below shows where I had a puff at 65 watts that I saved.


I paused and let the coil cool down, then puffed again and the board maxed out at 25 watts. An immediate second puff and Replay started doing what it should.


Let the coil cool again and took a few more puffs. Same thing.


Is this expected behavior with "iffy" coils on Replay? Or is there something I'm doing wrong?



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Just now, BillW50 said:

Selecting unlikely coils will give the best chance of working I believe.

I can try it, but I thought that setting was unrelated to how Replay works once a puff is saved. I was under the impression that it only affects the threshold for resistance change needed to allow you to save a puff for later replay.


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I change that setting to "unlikely" and had the same basic results.


Interestingly the second and third puffs had a different power curve than before. I wonder if this means the coil is close enough to the noise floor when warm that the device uses what they call that "noise-resilient" mode.

Regardless, I do not believe that explains why the first puff is so power restricted.

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@GaryP Somehow I don't think you're running the latest firmware for your mod. Down in the bottom Right Hand corner it shows in Device Monitor. You should see SP45.1 <- that dot 1 is important. If you're not, install from this link.


If you're still having problems afterwards, post a screenshot of the profile (1-8) you're using.


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