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Anyone USB charge their triple 18650 DNA250c?


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I always USB charge my MODS, that's basically the only reason why I spend for the DNA MODs because they do safely USB charge multiple cell MODS but they keep bricking on me. I been through like 5 different MODs that all bricked. This current ThinkVape Finder 250c triple 18650 barely worked for me. It was dead on arrival from etopfun and I had to warranty it to Evolv who sent it back and it quickly bricked again and won't turn on as described in the link. I'm hoping to get it warranty'd again even though it's past 12 months but if I do get it back , I'll probably sell it because I don't trust it'll last like previous ones that were warranty'd and then broke again. 


I don't know what I could be doing wrong to cause this. I have very low wattage on single coil mostly, not high heat, never dropped mod or got it wet or anything like that. All wiring looks fine inside the mod. Someone said the charging chip on the board frys. I don't leave them in too long after fully charged or anything like that. 


The only DNA that has held up is my non color DNA75. But I want also a bigger MOD for bigger tanks.


Maybe it's just some factor I don't know but hopefully if I just buy the same MOD as someone else that has been using 250C with triple 18650 cells and never had a problem? No leather wrapped MODs though please. Any suggestions for MODs?


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I have two ThinkVape Finder 250C mods. One is still in the box with the wrap I think. The other the positive battery pack wire was pinched when ThinkVape assembled it. And it worked for about 3 hours and the insulation cut away and shorted. Caused the 3 cells to quickly heat up. One reason why I love mods that you can quickly eject the batteries for this very reason. Frankly, I don't trust those Think Vape Finder mods.

My 3 Lost Vapes Triade 250C are still rocking like new. They have no problems charging or vaping.

I don't think I have seen any new 3 cell DNA250C mods in a few years. I guess it was just a fad for awhile. For long battery life, they switched to dual 21700 DNA250C mods. The battery last almost as long as a three 18650 cell DNA250C mods (each cell has more capacity vs. 18650), except are only 200 watts.

There is a Boxer Mod Classic DNA250C 1300mAh LiPo ($360) that can go up to 400 watts. But it won't give you as much battery life. Then you have to find another lipo when that one needs replacing.

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I'm still waiting for an answer to @BillW50 question if escribe detects it? and hopefully a Device Monitor screenshot. 

By always USB charging, you're effectively blind to any small leaks down into the battery contacts. A small torx bit and a $10 digital meter would also be beneficial to diagnose your issues.  🤷‍♀️

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18 hours ago, BillW50 said:

thanks Bill, and I haven't been looking at new MODs at all but sucks triple 18650 DNA250c isn't being produced but I'll check the dual 21700s, I vape very low watts/heat - to- coil ratio and not crazy huge coils so hopefully dual 27100 is fine.  Yes I took that thinkvape Finder apart and wiring was fine. 

WAyne, the problem linked above , no, it doesn't get detected when escribe is open, It does nothing no matter what I try plugging it into or pressing. I opened a claim and will see from there. Worst case scenario is I sell it as-is and get a dual 21700. I think evolv would like to have a look at it though to see what they did wrong with their repair. Another one they returned to me started bugging too soon after I got it back. 



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I have two 250Cs mounted in N1 cases with 4S/2200mah batteries and have been charging them with USB from day one.  Day one was June 6, 2018 when the 250C was only out for about a month. Excellent battery life by the way, say ~30ML of liquid running at ~30 watts/400F.

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