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  1. Make/Model of Device (ie EFusion DNA200): DNA250C Manufacturer of Device (N/A if board only): Thinkvape Finder Message: thinkvape finder 250c bought from efun.top with paypal about a month ago received DOA. this dna250c is not turning on with known-good cells. Plug it into usb gives CLOCK ERROR CLOCK ERROR 4% battery, Tried holding all button configurations, firing 20X etc does not turn on without USB but then can't even use it with %100 charged cells says 4% and only lets you cycle through kanthal/watts/replay etc then, giving Check Battery when I fire, it only turns on if USB connected. I reset to default escribe. escribe is set to 3 cell and all 3 show 0.00V. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ apparently this MOD was already serviced by warranty around Sept 2019 when I bought it from etopfun it was received dead on arrival. I barely used it at all since getting it back from evolv. I'll try to see if they can do something about this POS.
  2. thanks but plugging it in without batteries did nothing. I opened the whole thing and it's clean and all wiring looks fine. As I'm smoking a cigarette, anyone know of any other brands that are dual/triple 18650 that I can safely USB charge?! I'm sick of these DNAs breaking, this is like the 5th one. I'll give it a shot if evolv will warranty this , they did it last time with a HCigar VT250s DNA200 which broke again or something and I had to resell it and hoped the DNA250C newest version would solve this BS.
  3. any suggestion how to actually fix this? I didn't disassemble yet and unsure what that would accomplish, or which if any cleaner would be safe, mass air flow sensor cleaner for cars? electronics cleaner spray? % isopropyl?. Wasn't dropped and doubt will find something disconnected. Remember, plug into PC USB doesn't wake it up, so I can't do anything in eSCribe
  4. yes, I tried doing Lost Password and have it emailed to me but the email I used for that account is expired, stupid mail.com (and pretty much every other email service these days) auto deletes accounts if not logged into for 6 months. The email I used for all my e cig forum stuff (vaping underground forum etc) was a burner email I made just to create accounts and I never logged back in - this is stupid in case someone is sick for a few months or something like that or goes on a long vacation or something they could loose their very important bank email or something like that, and one can beg for the account to be re opened but they'll keep saying there's nothing they can do. anyways, I guess next is I'll try opening the mod and cleaning with a tiny bit of gentle electronics cleaner? I have a whole bunch of micro USB-to-USB chargers, some are barely used and not compromised, and I use only UL listed wall adapters (UL and sorta CE are the reliable ones, kinda hard to buy separately on ebay/amazon compared to the popular cheaper ones that could potentially over power what they're supposed to do or cause fires etc.
  5. maybe it's because I USB charge them? I asked that with my older account , but this one won't even turn on. It turned on fine the other day, said like %4 battery life, I plugged it in USB it light up, wasn't sure if I could see the little charging lightning bolt symbol in the battery box but then after that it hasn't turned on again. I didn't leak juice into it that I know of, especially since last plugging it in there wasn't even a tank on it and it's been just sitting on a shelf with no tank on it for months before this, in a cool room. Bill, that's a neat magnetic charger piece, I think I need one for my cell phone is sorta starting to go. The port on the mod seems fine, and I charged the cells to %100 in externals, but as mentioned sometimes it still needs the USB plug to wake it up so maybe the USB port IS dead.
  6. you guys make like the worst MODs. I've had Chinese clones for $18 that were more reliable. 4 of of the ~5 DNA mods I bought have BRICKED in no time, about 9-13 months and I don't use them much or abuse them or vape high temperatures etc, had to warranty all of them. I made many threads for help here (w another account lost log in info when windows 8.1 machine crashed). This one now have barely used in the past year, a ThinkVape Finder 250c triple 18650. The only one that hasn't given me problems is my original DNA 75 HCigar VTC nano. This problem has happened before: batteries have power but press the buttons and nothing lights up, not in stealth mode either. Sometimes plugging the USB in wakes it up and the problem goes away for a while. This one will not. Warranty ran out a while ago but I've had evolv grant warranty for expired MODs before thankfully. The ONLY reason I really buy DNA is because I can safely USB charge them, I dislike having to remove batteries and charge separately. I fully charged these 3 genuine pink 18650s in a nitecore charger and it still won't wake up. I do appreciate small tweaks in escribe but these DNAs have been a problem, stick to making potato light bulb projects or something. Any suggestions to try and wake this mode up? thanks
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