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DNA 250c can't measure atomizer Ohms


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47 minuti fa, dwcraig1 ha scritto:

Have you tried other atomizers?

Some 510's on atomizers are on the short side as there is no standard for them.

Does the 510's positive pin appear farther down than usual?

Thanks for your reply. I did try a total of 3 atomizer, but none of them are being recognized by the Thelema. I tried the Geekvape Zeus (subohm), the Zlide and the SMOK TFV12 Prince. All the mentioned atomizers work on my SERIES B DNA75 flawlessly, so I don't think it is a problem with the atomizers.

As for the 510 it doesn't appear farther down than usual, actually it kind of looks a bit taller than my other mods, but I may be wrong. The only thing that may stand out is the fact that the pin is a bit off centered.

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Можно взять кусок проволоки длиной 10 сантиметров из кантала, нежавейки или иного материала для вейпинга и попробовать соединить центральный пин "+" с корпусом "-". При подключении к escribe будут какие либо показания сопротивления, если нет то обрыв проводки гнезда атомайзера


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