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  1. Is there a reason why one would use Watts instead of TC?
  2. EDIT: CASE CLOSED I tried to tighten the positive pin and now it works perfectly, reaches all temps without issues. Thanks @retirdfor the heads up and thanks Wayneo for all your replies. Just one last question, can I enable replay with TC? Or is it only for Watt mode?
  3. I have done a few more tests now after the box had been sitting for a whole afternoon by itself while I was out. I input the new room temp Ohms and now the box doesn't give me the temp protected msg anymore, which is a step forward, but now it only reaches 150C instead of the target 220C. No matter if I increase or lower the watts, it keeps firing at max 150C. Here are my tests: Minimum temp (93.3C), 30W: Steady 94C @3Watts 150C, 30W: Pretty steady 150C 200C, 30W: Stays on 150C 200C, 40W: Still barely higher than 150C I'm using Profile 7, I
  4. I checked the atty with Escribe and I do see some fluctuations (.489->.491->.488->.492->.493->.487->....) Not the same mod I had issues with the off center 501/check atomizer. I returned this one and bought a second one from a different retailer. Never vaped in TC before. @retird How can I check that?
  5. Yeah I did let it sit and measured the coils at room temperature, but still no luck. It's my first time vaping TC with this mod.
  6. I'm using a wasp nano RDA with 26 AWG SS 316L. I made 3 different coils (plain spaced wire with 6 wraps, 2.5 diameter @~.4Ohms) and at first the mod fires at around 80-90C instead of 220 that I input, then after 3/4 puffs it says "Temp protection" and stops firing altogether. Am I doing something wrong?
  7. Thanks for your reply. I did try a total of 3 atomizer, but none of them are being recognized by the Thelema. I tried the Geekvape Zeus (subohm), the Zlide and the SMOK TFV12 Prince. All the mentioned atomizers work on my SERIES B DNA75 flawlessly, so I don't think it is a problem with the atomizers. As for the 510 it doesn't appear farther down than usual, actually it kind of looks a bit taller than my other mods, but I may be wrong. The only thing that may stand out is the fact that the pin is a bit off centered.
  8. Can anyone help me? I just bought a Thelema 250c, but it doesn't recognize any atomizer's Ohms. The box says "Check atomizer" and in Escribe it says "Failed to measure coil Ohms."; Ohms on the box stay at 0.00. Is it a known issue?
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