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Hcigar VT75D reset problem, help needed.


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I have a VT75D for some time now, but from the start it has a problem.

The 75C board resets itself spontaneously on an irregular basis.

When vaping it performs okay but sometimes after two vapes it resets and sometimes after 20 vapes.

I tried escribe several times to adjust settings, but doesn't help, I cleaned it which doesn't help also.

Eventually i opened up the modand made sure battery contacts are all good, still no solution, does anybody have an idea what to do?

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I guess you could start with a full screenshot and post it here.
In Device Monitor
View - set time scale to 60
Enable/click volts
Wait a minute then do the screenshot.

Do you remember having any leaks, or was this the behavior from new?
Does it happen with all atty's?


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