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100 watts regardless of settings


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Using a passthrough mod by analog box mods.

Even if I set the wattage to 200 in wattage mode it never goes higher than 100 watts (usually it caps out at 98.9 watts)


have settings at 220 watt  max with a 12v input power source.

regardless of tank/rta I use and regardless of .ohms  it wont go higher.

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42 minutes ago, Wayneo said:

From within Escribe ....... Can you post a 'Device Monitor' and a Mod - Safety tab printscreen
And which vapestation are you using and who built it

I'll post it when I get home this afternoon.


Analog box mod station and mod (built by them did not get the DIY kit)



The Xbox power box option on the work station  and a previously offered 250c chip in the mod (they are no longer offering it for some reason)


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22 minutes ago, retird said:

Here is the Datasheet for the 250C.  It has graphs that show max output power per coils ohm's and wire materials.  May be helpful.




Thank you. Those graphs are exactly why I posted this question because I am not getting anywhere near that kind of power on .1-.2 ohm builds of any material (I normally use a .15 Ni80 dual build)

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56 minutes ago, Burn348 said:

Measured voltage at the PSU at 9.3v and the manufacturer is saying it should be 12v so  I am waiting on them to see how we are going to move forward. 

Surely they will guide you to a  PSU that will make the  250C  hum................

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