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Help with first TCR profile (please please please help me)


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I am trying set up my first TCR profile, but i am absolutely clueless about it.

I have dual coil tri-core fused clapton ss316L and i have been using it with 100W on power mode(if its too much or too little please tell me).

I have no idea what temperature should i have, how long preheat, what is punch, and how high should i have the preheat watts.

I would realy really really appreciate any help.



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There are many different ways to set up a Temp Protected vape. Your (those) settings will work after just enabling/clicking on that box above 'Temperature' that says 230°C
We all vape differently, so if you vape at 100 watts normally, you can adjust the temp up or down until you get the same 'heat' but with smaller clouds.


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