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broken display zif connector

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Whilst installing my brand new 75c board I have managed to break the zif screen connector latch, I contacted Evolv who were very helpful, NOT, they gave me a link to purchase a new board. They also said it was impossible to repair. I know that is total rubbish as the zif connectors dont just magically appear on the boards. I have looked at other topics on here and searched for the part number but I am unable to find the connector in stock anywhere. Would any bottom 8 pin zif connector work as long as it has a 0.5mm pitch and the contacts on the bottom?

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I had same problem with paranormal used by my friend.I simply used foamy sponge, cut it to size and put it on contacts.Then i fastened screen on top with few screws.Screen lightly pressed foamy sponge on contacts, and everything is operational.He is using Paranormal with no problems at all for 4 months now.

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