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  1. Hi all, Im looking to build a mod using a 250c board and use a 2s lipo. Could someone please confirm the wiring for the balancer socket please? The battery balancer jack has 3 pins, looking at the wiring diagrams Im assuming I connect the 3 pin socket starting at the GND pin, the middle socket pin goes to T1 and the right socket pin goes to T2, I then bridge GND to the negative pad on the board and also bridge T2, T3, T4 to the positive pad on the board? Any help confirming this would be great before I blow myself up. Thanks
  2. Definitely, I wonder how many people have thrown boards away after contacting evolv and being told there is no way to fix it. To be honest, I was a little disappointed in their response but never mind, it's fixed now and I've got 9 spares.
  3. This is what I got, it's definitely worth a shot giving if a go rather than throwing the board away.
  4. Unfortunately, I have to report that Evolv are talking absolute rubbish, it was an easy repair that took about 20 minutes. RS online sell the zif connectors for less than £5 for 10 and they are easy to install.
  5. well if ive got to get a new board then i might as well have a go at fixing this one, will post up the results.
  6. Hi, Whilst installing my brand new 75c board I have managed to break the zif screen connector latch, I contacted Evolv who were very helpful, NOT, they gave me a link to purchase a new board. They also said it was impossible to repair. I know that is total rubbish as the zif connectors dont just magically appear on the boards. I have looked at other topics on here and searched for the part number but I am unable to find the connector in stock anywhere. Would any bottom 8 pin zif connector work as long as it has a 0.5mm pitch and the contacts on the bottom?
  7. I know this thread is old but I bought a drone about a month ago and after a week it started leaking like mad. The leak was coming from the bottom of the 510 pin. The good news is I've found a way to fix it. I took the 510 connector completely apart, removed the black rubber seal from the very bottom of the connector. I cut about 1.5mm of squonk tube and placed it on the pin. I then replaced the rubber seal and put the 510 back together. I've been using it daily for just over a week now and it's not got a drop of juice inside. Hope this post helps someone.
  8. Thanks for the quick reply, Ive just cleaned and adjusted the contacts. All seem fine. I guess I’ll replace the USB port and get connected to escribe and take a look
  9. I’ve had my Rebel Vapes DNA 200 for a couple of years and used it as my main mod, it’s held up really well and I love it. All of a sudden yesterday after charging the batteries externally and putting them back in it only read 83%. I thought it may be the batteries, VTC5a’s, which were only a couple of months old, so I charged and put in a brand new pair. They read 86% so I took them out and put them in another mod which read them as 98%. I’m a bit confused as to why this has happened as it was reading them in the high 90’s prior to the other day. Anyway I just used the mod and it got down to 0%, usually at about 5% it used to tell me the batteries were flat. I continued for a further 40-50 puffs before it stopped firing and the batteries truly needed charging. The first response I’m likely to get is “connect to escribe and look at the settings” this is where the big problem lies, I’ve always charged the batteries externally and after the novelty of escribe passed, about 6 months after buying the mod, I haven’t used the usb socket, for some reason it now won’t connect to pc or charge via usb, I’ve tried several known working cables and nothing. Any advice appreciated. thanks
  10. Version 1.0.1


    This is the first theme I've designed so go easy on me, it has pretty much all the settings you could need and has the ability to add the logos for the atomisers your using to be displayed on the Atomiser screen, I wanted to be able to change settings and look at data with out the need to constantly use eScribe.
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