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Drone Won't Go above 110w


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Hello all,

Just run into my first problem with my Drone 250c.

I'm trying to vape a series(ish) build, dual 3.5mm coils ohming out about 0.38ohm in my Centurion atty.

I can select whatever wattage I want no problems, but under the main wattage selection I have a actual watts display and can see that it will not go above 110watts.

I've tried 2 different sets of good batteries (HG2s and 30Qs) but still got the same problem.


Is there some kind of voltage limit to these mods or something? I can see in the info that at 110w its 6.48v.


Thanks for any help you can give.

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What you have there is the limit of the cells. The output is never going to be higher than the battery voltage (under load). You have a couple of choices, build closer to .2 ohms. The other choice would be using 30 amp CDC cells like Samsung 20S. these would get you up around 135 watts on a charged set of 30 amp cells.

( You are really pushing those HG2s and 30Qs too hard)

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