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Adding new fonts to Theme Designer

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I am hoping someone can help me out with this and it’s probably simple I just can’t seem to figure it out.  How do you add new fonts to theme designer?  I tried adding them to windows font folder but there not imported.  I was starting to think you can’t add fonts but I see custom themes that are using fonts that aren’t listed in the default list.  Any help or information or even ideas I can try would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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11 hours ago, croyleje said:

I want to add two right now the 8 bit font and a cartoon font.  There is obviously a way to do it or a workaround because there are themes with fonts not in the list.

you add fonts to the windows font folder and they will automatically install , when you reopen theme designer that should be in the drop down list - occasionally windows will not recognise or read some fonts because of compatibility or the font size will not appear at all because they are not available in that size you want them to be in - try to download a similar or a different source to where you get the font from

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just updating this as i ran into a problem just recently , it seems another bug in Windows 10 that some users are having trouble with custom fonts when installing to the font folder they simply wont show up in the list of fonts you've installed when using different applications , how i fixed this is to create anew folder on your C drive and name it New Fonts , copy and paste your desired font in this folder you've just created and rick click the font and select install for all users and this should now install the font to the main font folder in windows and should be available in different application as a listed font - you can now delete the font in the folder you created

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You're a star! :D I have over 2500 fonts installed and am working on themes I plan to release soon. Sadly, most of my decent fonts weren't coming up in the Theme Designer list.

Did your all users install trick and loads more are available :) Thanks for sharing the solution!


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Just another quick note, in case someone searches for font problems in the future...

If the font you wan't to use has any kind of license restriction (i.e. not 'properly installable' in Windows) then it wont show up in the Theme Designer font list, regardless of how it's inststalled!

The only way around this is to:

1. Download/install a font editor (I use FontForge personally)
2. Open the Font Information window for the font
3. In the "OS/2" section, on the "Misc" tab, change the OS/2 value under the Misc tab and set the Embeddable property to "Installable Font"
4. Generate the modified TTF file
5, Right-click on the file you just generated and choose "Install For All Users" from the popup
6. Exit the Theme Designer and reload - the font should now be listed and usable! :)

Hope this helps someone. :D


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Meines Wissens gibt es diese Möglichkeit nicht - die Schriftart wird auch nicht im Theme gespeichert. Es werden erfahrungsgemäß nur die verwendeten Symbole exakt an der verwendeten Stelle gespeichert. Bereits das Verändern von Beschriftungen im ThemeDesigner führt zu fehlerhaften Darstellungen, wenn die Schriftart nicht auf dem PC installiert ist. 

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vor 29 Minuten schrieb Paul Enderson:

You'll have to reach out to whoever made it and ask them for the font they used.

Eigentlich sollte jeder, welcher "systemfremde" Schriftarten verwendet, diese auch benennen - möglichst mit Bezugsadresse. 

So machst Du es, so mache ich es und es ist der beste Weg, anderen Usern keine Steine in den Weg zu legen - es beginnt ja bereits wenn jemand die Namen der Profile individualisieren möchte... 

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12 hours ago, gwyar said:

Actually, everyone who uses "non-system" fonts should also name them - if possible with a reference address. 

This is how you do it, this is how I do it and it is the best way not to put obstacles in the way of other users - it already starts when someone wants to individualize the names of the profiles ... 

Exactly why I listed fonts on my first theme :) 


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