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received DNA250c think vape finder today from china etopfun (researched to be very trustworthy).
DOA basically, getting common problem reading about 'deep sleep dna250c' or not turning on, not going to attempt to learn and digest all this BS in these BS threads like this!:


mine isn't recognised by escribe. Also, never had a mod do this it installed itself via windows 'setting up dna250c' popup like when you install a plug and play new keyboard or printer or something, so I'm supposed to trust what this now-sketchy a** mod installed on my PC.

I'm not going to even get into it with this BS trying to fix it with forum questions. I've been vaping since 2012 before it got BIG and evolv is really p'ng me off - really the only thing they have going for them is they can safely usb charge multi cell, otherwise I'd never buy them again. EVERY dna I've owned, maybe 4 differnt mods, gave me a problem, luckily they did warranty twice for me, once past warranty and changed the board in my 200 which has been good so far, but the others give check battery error or something possibly caused from USB charging it (no, they don't explode from USB charging but the charging circuit or something does break eventually I've found).

this dna250c is not turning on with known-good cells. Plu ginto usb gives CLOCK ERROR CLOCK ERROR 4% battery, again escribe can't recognise it to update firmware or hard reboot. Tried holding all button configurations, firing 20X etc does not turn on without USB but then can't even use it with %100 charged cells says 4% and only lets you cycle through kanthal/watts/replay etc.

Thing is, I'm okay with if this didn't start off on the wrong foot and I would have used it gladly knowing the USB charging might break it in hopefully under 12 months then just warranty it, but now I don't even want anything to do with this F'd chip, I don't want it tinkered with by evolv like they've done with previous mod that also broke again in like 5 months and/or I got it back and it was still givign me problems.
I want a NEW CHIP, I don't think I can send this back to china for replacement/refund, evolv will probably tinker with chip then I don't feel safe/comfortable with this sketchy board I want to almost crack the board then send it in like that so I get new quality chip.

really getting annoying all this RMA forms and mailing and waiting back to use new mod and then hoping it's as good as it could be

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I AM still using that version 1.2 sp 5.2.

It doesn't update itself I guess. or ask to. ok.  I don't see any update tab or anything except APPLY SERVICE PACK, but I'll just remove it in cntrl panel now and reinsall, then if doesn't work I'll try APPLY SERVICE PACK.


Ok new version says 2.0 SP 19 we'll see if it work

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ok it found it in escribe, auto detected and % bar installed it but that didn't fix anything, how do I hard reset it or actually update it or something?


btw "Production History Wednesday, April 17, 2019"


it's giving the good ole CHeck Battery when I fire, it only turns on if USB connected. I reset to default escribe. I dont' want to crack

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Could be something not connected properly in the battery tray, the batteries, maybe something with the mod wiring going to the board, or maybe something with the board.... Since it was DOA from China you might see if they will replace it.  You also could start a ticket with Evolv.  

To reset device with Escribe go to: Tools/Diagnostics/Reboot Device/Click on your choice of soft or hard reboot

If you don't have the reset choices go to Options/User Interface and set it to Manufacturer and you should then have reset ability.   

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I checked before and it was already 3 cell and all 3 show 0.00V.

hard reboot didn't fix.


I'm suing Samsung pink 30Qs almost new, they work fine in Hcigar VT250s dna200. Only other battery I have is single 18650 for DNA75 MOD.

I'm supposed to buy new batteries now to check? See this is what I'm talking about. Or send it back to china and wait 3-5 months of total transit time for a MOD? I don't want this chip even. And not from all this opening closing one of these stupid glued-on battery door magnets fell out (held by tad of glue not evolv's fault but basically). Would have opened once and USB charged thereafter.

what a joke

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I don't know if they used a JST plug to attach the battery sled to the balance tap on board or not but most likely they soldered the wires on. It looks as if the battery tap is not connected. If you are unable to check this yourself I suggest you start a ticket with Evolv rather than sending it back to China. 


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I'll open and check if all soldered, but if not, then now I have to loos emoney for shipping it to evolve for warranty, and get back a possibly sketchy board. Since I bought from china with paypal (loophole? thought no e cig stuff with paypal) but anyway, buyer always wins on paypal, so maybe Chinese seller I'll just ask for partial of shipping cost for warranty, even though I could probably work the situation to get this POS for free.

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hum, you have several options to get this resolved.  The easiest (and probably the best) is to start a ticket with Evolv.  Their warranty plainly states you are responsible for shipping to them. As you stated earlier they even replaced a board for you that was out of warranty.  

There is a process with PayPal  (Dispute and Claims processes) which could result in a full refund or replacement if that is your preference. 

China resolution is not clear at this point. (opening the device may void any warranty you have with China vendor).

The guys here are trying to help you out.  The choice is yours.  Good Luck.....  

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I didn't open it, and don't want to, don't want to void warranty or waste my time because I think it is connected.

Now I can't email efun.top where I bought it. I linked this thread to them and said it was dead on arrival and explained,

I get mail delivery failure using my mail.com. I tried several times and with chrome and IE11. I tried different emails (still mail.com but still this is getting ridiculous..)

I left a message though their website contact form, so maybe they'll get that one and I can also reply to it to.

I might do a paypal case which I think I'd end up with the mod free.

The only contact info I could find is: support@efun.top and jarry@efun.top

feel free to test email them



efun.top gets good and safe reviews, and I highly doubt they're purposely blocking my email, but regardless I really don't want this sketchy chip even to be 'fixed' by evolve. I USB charge my DNAs and don't need any problems.

If I do a paypal case I think I'll end up with this MOD free I can sell for about $50 plus the original $106 and then order same MOD from fasttech for $116

Fasttech is the best in china I guess, never had a problem with them and spent about a grand I guess I either trusted efun.top enough to save $10, or that FT was just out of these at the time.

 (if anything, now, I think efun.top might be knowingly selling a few mixed in here and there possibly-defective MODs, not running an email-blocking scam, IDK though.

I don't even want to pay $6 to mail it to evolve for warranty even if they say they promise to change the board out instead of 'fixing' it.




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Looks like you have many options.... at this point it is unclear what the issue with the device really is.   To say it is definitely a sketchy chip is a stretch at this point I think.  It may even be poor assembly.  You can google that mod here in this forum and see if there are any posts to read that other owners may have posted and had issues with the mod discussed here ......

Efun Warranty.....   https://www.efun.top/warranty-policy

Efun Customer service (with e-mail addresses) ....  https://www.efun.top/customer-service    I  sent two e-mails  to them and the e-mails went thru using  Windown 10 and Chrome ...... used Yahoo mail... and sent a second e-mail from another e-mail provider I use......

Evolv Warranty:....  https://www.evolvapor.com/warranty

Start Ticket with Evolv:  https://helpdesk.evolvapor.com/index.php?a=add&category=1

You probably have looked at all these links already but I'm posting them so you and others who may come here will have them in one place...


I would like to respond to many of your negative comments but that serves no positive purpose as we are volunteers just trying to help.

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I was able to get a reply using their website's Contact Us form. They replied the following which I'm not about to do all this with video and stuff.... I don't even know how to,, I'll mention that once, and see what they say. Or see if efun will pay return shipping for a full refund (if I'm not mistaken it's only cheap for them to mail to US and not the other way around, but I dunno). I could open pp case for ~$8 partial for warranty shipping but who knows about this chip?

you buy something defective, you return it for a new one.  asking on forums and escribe in developer tab is ridiculous. My first time wanting to return something from china besides cheaper stuff on ebay which goes smoothly as it should.
This is like because it's electronic and might be able to be warranty repaired makes it different, but like if you bought a new laptop and it doesn't even turn on, you'd rather get an exchange of course instead of having it warranty looked at.
And also with a MOD IMHO it's a safety concern since I buy DNA only because I can USB charge it. I don't think I'm being too picky by not warranty'ing it unless the chip can be guaranteed swapped out. how did this board even go into circulation? evolve doesn't check them for working, or was it something like maybe it was dropped or heat damaged, yes it could also be ThinkVape's fault if not connecting the DNA chip correctly or scratching it or something or overheating with solder..

Now I will open it and check obvious connections but that's all


1. Send us an picture of the S/N number. You can find it printed on the package used for holding the item.
2. Send us a short video to show the problem clearly. You can also say something to ensure we can find the problem easily.

Kindly note that the video should have comparision, and will show us the problem clearly.


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I opened it and it was a PITA to open BTW, uses the smallest hex/star screws of about 9 mods I've owned and I do own a set of like 30 different mini bit heads but had to file down a flat head to fit, anyway, it seemed all connected together, I didn't remove the board from the mounting and totally disassemble it, I just checked the solder joints all seemed good.

I did find a quick and free website to link a video trying to show the problem (which could easily be forged but whatever I'm not into scamming people, I think they need the video to make claim to their supplier), anyway the only reason I went through with the video thing is because their warranty policy DOES say you need to link a video if defective.


I guess that's the price of buying from china (I guess it's cheap shipping only from China-> USA and not the other way around for returns). I don't think I've had a problem like this with china stuff usually it's something cheap on ebay I end up with for free or a partial refund. I don't know if fasttech is a similar process for defective, but I'm buying the same MOD from there tomorrow and will somehow get a full refund for this one, maybe I'll get to keep it or something then sell it basically for parts.


So yea to summarize , yea it might not be evolv's fault, it could be the assembly, overheated from soldering etc done by the brand Thinkvape. And re: the several DNA mods I've had to warranty due to battery error usually , well hopefully this newer 250C chip is less prone to that, and I still buy DNA because I sort of do trust to USB charge it which makes it unique vs having to open and take batteries out all the time with pretty much every other MOD brand.  

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