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Does not work replay


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Sorry? Who's wrong, what's wrong?

First you said

38 minutes ago, Evgeniy22 said:

Coils are ss + nich.

Are you now saying your coils are 

9 minutes ago, Evgeniy22 said:

Now there is an internal cantal over nichrome

Or do you not believe what I said were best practices?

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1 минуту назад, Wayneo сказал:

Follow what I suggested in my first reply 

I would love to, but the Russian language is such that it translates is not entirely correct. What materials are considered the best for replay? Thank you in advance

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16 часов назад, Wayneo сказал:

Stainless Steel 3xx, 4xx. Ti01, Ni200, NiFe 48/52 AS THE CORE (DOMINANT) material/wire

Not Nichrome.

Put the coils:inner(ss) +klepton nichrome. Replay still doesn't work. Does not fix puffs and does not show SAVE PUFF

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40 минут назад, dwcraig1 сказал:

Make sure the Replay box is checked in EScribe  for the profile that your using.

While your in EScribe take note if there is a difference between cold ohms and live ohms while firing when using Device Monitor.

The checkbox is worth it. There is a difference in monitoring between hot and cold when pressing faer. Cold 0.69. hot to 0.78

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18 минут назад, awsum140 сказал:

I'd suggest trying a simple, single wire coil made from only a TC material.  You have not mentioned what atomizer you are using which can effect how stable the resistance remains.

I did ss + nichrome. Does not work

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