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  1. I did ss + nichrome. Does not work
  2. Now I put the drip in the mod. When hovering, save puff. I pressed to remember and caught fire that the soaring was remembered. When you press faer, an error appears: atomizer hek
  3. The checkbox is worth it. There is a difference in monitoring between hot and cold when pressing faer. Cold 0.69. hot to 0.78
  4. Put the coils:inner(ss) +klepton nichrome. Replay still doesn't work. Does not fix puffs and does not show SAVE PUFF
  5. Thank you very much. Now I will try to rewind at home and show the result.
  6. I would love to, but the Russian language is such that it translates is not entirely correct. What materials are considered the best for replay? Thank you in advance
  7. I just remembered that I have other coils. And now the inner cantal braided nichrome. Could this affect that replay does not offer to remember the tightening?
  8. Wrong. Now there is an internal cantal over nichrome
  9. Hello. Help with the problem on the Dna250c. When I turn on the replay mode, nothing happens. No memorization of the couple, does not offer them to remember. Coils are ss + nich.
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