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Pinched ribbon.....again


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Ok so I know I am late to the party building in the concept syle enclosures, but here we are.


So I'm building in a silo enclosure. Twice now I have installed the board and screen in such a way as to pinch the ribbon between the actuator and the fire button. 


What kind of oragami have yall used to keep the ribbon out of the way?

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Thanks yall. 


I have a stack of screens here. I'm going to go through them to see which ones are good and which ones are bad and rebuild these two mods.  I'll use some double sided foamed ribbon I have laying around and hope for the best. 


Building in these enclosures is nice, not having to solder a ground, no need for a 3d board mount, ect, but I find it frustrating that I can not *see* that the ribbon is in the right place once I screw the board down. 


These may be the only 2 mods i build in these enclosures due to that fact. I'd rather go through the additional trouble of additional soldering, drilling, and parts acquisition so that I don't have to redo work because there was no way to confirm one of the most fragile pieces in the build is destined to fail in a few short days/hours. Really going to miss working with them, though. Perhaps someone will come up with a 3d solution on the enclosures for the c boards, but I doubt that there will be innovation at this point. If it were going to happen, it would have already.

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