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How to delete themes 250C

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2 hours ago, 24k12k6k said:

You have to close the theme designer, and open escribe. In escribe there is a button that says "restore defaults" this will delete all themes from the device.

Yeah but that also removes all the profiles and material that I've added to the device. Are you certain that the device stores old themes that you are no longer using?

If so that seems like a bit of an oversight on the part of Evolv... Sounds like something should be remedied in the next firmware update ( @James)

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The space used is telling you how much space will be used by the theme you are designing. You're being told you are out of space because the theme you are making is too big for the device.

I think (but I'm not sure) the only thing the device accumulates over time is the puff recordings. When you upload a larger theme you might lose the oldest recordings if they are taking space the theme needs.

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