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No Temperature Reading


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I'm using SS316L.  I usually build coils where I'll spin more than one wire together but I have found them to be less stable.  However I get the same results out of simple round wire builds.


At this point I'm wondering if I'm getting bad wire maybe.  I should break out an out Uwell Crown and see if that changes anything.  It's approved for Replay is why I'm thinking that.

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3 hours ago, Wayneo said:

Alrighty, can you do one last printscreen while taking a puff. Using the mod in that last Printscreen (ByrdBuild#2). Same atty and coil used there. Using your Profile 7 like in the PS, but ONLY with these checkboxes ticked.

Seems even more out of hand than last try.  Why isn't it stopping at set temperature?


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