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Boxer dna 250c clock + Batterie error


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On 7/21/2018 at 2:02 PM, Winner123 said:


i need help.

Since yesterday i cannot use my Mod anymore.

the Battery are fully charged but the Mod only shows me 2-4% .

Also there is a clock and Date error.

i‘ve done escribe software update.

I‘m on 1.1 SP33.2




did you find a solution?

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54 minutes ago, Spector NS5 RD said:

@AMDtrucking Are all three of those Boxer 20700 squonks authentics? (What happened to the blue one? Poor thing looks like a can of PVC glue spilled in it. lol)

Yes they are, but only one of them, is mine. It's the blue one. I've had it from the day one of release and in had several modifications to it. Including an RTV Silicon sealing of the board, at one time. What looks to you as a PVC glue, is actually what's left of that silicon. But my leaking issues have gone away, since I installed an offset elbow adapter and I don't use silicon anymore. It's a pain in the A to remove. 😀


What I do now is I spray it with a product out of Germany, it's called Plastik-70, it specifically formulated to protect PCB from moisture.


Plastik 70.png

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