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Is "Reset Statistics" broken for anyone else?

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I have a theme (attached) where I am trying to give users an option to reset the total stats (total puffs, total puff time, etc). I take them to a confirmation screen where it says "Do you want to reset" and there is a YES and a NO. The YES is a label that is set with the action "Reset statistics." But pressing that button doesn't reset the stats.

Is anyone else having this problem?

One weird note, pressing the "Reset statistics" button does increment the "Reset count" counter, so it's registering the click, just not doing its job.

I'm using latest FW 1.1 SP33.2 and International Escribe. Same problem on 75 and 250

(if testing my theme, go to main menu (top right) > Info > Total Stats > Reset > Yes) (also the theme's main screen is a bit of a work in progress, trying to seamlessly integrate Replay.. don't judge me :grimacing:)


Clean Black and Blue-1_42.ecigtheme

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