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Lost Vape Paranormal 250c not recognized by Escribe

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I received my new Lost Vape Paranormal 250c today and I cannot get Escribe to recognize it.  I'm running Windows 10 and I've reinstalled Escribe,  also using the provided USB cable that came with my mod (I have tried other USB data cables as well).  I have no issues with my Lost Vape Paranormal DNA75c connecting to Escribe.  When I try to "Connect and Download Settings" it says "No Compatible USB Devices are Connected".  My mod is charging when connected to my computer so it's not the mod's USB port.  Also, it is recognized by E Cig Stats.  Can anybody help me please?

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Gotta let windows install those drivers before trying to use escribe... Used on windows 10 and 7 tonight. Both recognized my paranormal... Windows 7 did take longer to install the drivers... Perhaps do a fresh install of escribe. Completely uninstall and delete leftover folders from previous installation. Download sp13 international version and profit!

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