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No the SP13 version does not allow the new features (PowerBank, Replay, User Toggles etc) to be uploaded to the DNA75c. Evolv may have to release a new firmware update to allow the new features to be uploaded to the DNA75c. I've tested this out on my DNA75c with firmware version 1.1 service pack 27, using the  SoftwareSP13 above. Still waiting eagerly to test out the new features.

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On 3/20/2018 at 7:57 AM, Modfreak said:

Hi, try SoftwareSP13 International Vers. shows like this:






Where is this SP13 download located? I don’t see it on the DNA250C page and haven’t found it in the forums, other than your post.

Thanks for posting this, as after installing Escribe (INTL) from the DNA250C page, the DNA250C wasn’t listed on the opening screen. After installing this service pack, it is. I just want to keep an eye out for future versions. Thanks again.

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