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  1. I don`t think that the DNA 250c is a concurrency for the DNA 75c. Much Customer don`t need so much Power, 75W is enough for much Users. If Nobody has told us about the Feauture, Nobody will wait for it. But someone has told about the Feature for the 75c and so People waiting and hope, that they`ll get it in near future, i thing their right. I don`t know, where is the Problem to offer it in "early escribe...."? So some User who want, can test on their own risk and can give feedback, to make the things better before it go out to the Big World....
  2. Modfreak

    Dna 250c

    And the Software ist this Time hidden, DNA75c update just not included, only 250c: Look here: SP13_International Vers. , no warranty - this time it is not official i think.
  3. Modfreak

    250C software

    Hi, try SoftwareSP13 International Vers. shows like this:
  4. Modfreak

    Short battery?

    The Efest 20700 only has 3000mAh, thats not much. Try a look at Mooch for batterie tests 20700 to find the best one.
  5. Hi, here i have attached the discharge Profile for the Think Vape Finder 75c with Dual Samsung INR18650 25R 2500mAh Batteries, discharged with 40 Watts. Enjoy the round about 15Wh.Lost Vape Finder 75c_Samsung25r(2p).csv