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How to DISABLE charge when connected to laptop


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I’m using Escribe 2.0 SP12 on MAC. 

If I recall correctly, in older versions, there was a way to turn off a setting to disable charging when you connect the device via USB to a laptop computer, NOT connected to AC power. When working with a device connected to my laptop, I don’t want it to be constantly draining my OLD laptop battery. I charge my vape batteries in a charger. Thanks!

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In EScribe for Windows it in Device Monitor - Diagnostics - Disable USB Charging.

For 75, 75C, 200, 250 & 250C you can also issue put the following python command in a text file and run it the run script box "ECig['USB Current'] = 0.0", there maybe a serial equivalent.

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I would have responded sooner, but as in the past, certain threads I “follow”, even one like this that I started, and choose “email when new responses”, I don’t receive any email notifications. :(

Regardless, THANKS to you both, I would never have found that setting, since it’s kinda buried in the  Device Monitor, which of course one has to manually open that screen, and you have to have a mod connected, so it’s not a setting you can edit just by opening Escribe. It does however STICK, and stays in the last state, after removing and reconnecting the device. Also found you don’t need to save setting back to mod, seems it’s basically a hardware switch that turns USB CHARGING “ON/OFF”, as it’s described. 

Only issue is, if you choose OFF, you can’t charge the device even from a USB wall charger. I was hoping and thought I vaguely remembered long a go being able to configure a setting that ONLY disabled USB charging when I was working with the device, and once removed from laptop, I could still manually charge from wall USB charger. But I’m probably wrong about that as I doubt the device hardware would have any way to distinguish between a USB wall charge, versus a USB charge running off a  laptop battery.

It’s still a NICE option to have, to AVOID draining ones laptop battery over long Escribe sessions, one just has to REMEMBER to turn USB Charging BACK ON, in device monitor when you are finished with your Escribe session.


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