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Just Received RMA Warranty and...


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Had a problem with a new Hcigar Vt250s DNA250 described here:


Basically, it was saying CHECK BATTERY and could not be used. It was not possible to change escribe MOD Tab  2-cell to 3-cell (VT250s is dual or triple cell).  Changing that was the usual fix I read others used but it was not possible to change (dropdown menu wouldn't respond to mouse click). Someone said in the thread linked above that it was probably the charging chip on the board and to warranty it. 


I sent it to evolve for warranty and got it back today.


I put 3-cells in but it was doing some weird stuff like I would vape at 25W and put it down for a minute or so and it would be back at 55W.   I did an escribe factory reset and everything was fixed in 3-cell.

  But I STILL can't change it back to 2-cell in MOD tab. I even linked my thread above when describing my RMA issue.. The drop down menu just doesn't respond to a mouse click. If I put 2 cells in it, it just flashes DNA 250 and can't do anything with it. If I connect escribe with 2-cells, it says CHECK BATTERY and all 0s for screen parameters. Device Monitor says 4.14V for each cell.

I was hoping they just changed out my board with a new one but it seems they just had a software developer attempt to fix this but maybe didn't? I already paid shipping to them once for warranty. Do I have to send it back again or what?

Many thanks.


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If you can't change the setting in Escribe then I believe the problem is related to Windows or Escribe.  Nothing  happens with the board till settings are uploaded other than downloading the existing settings. Try with a different computer or the latest (different version) of Escribe.

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6 hours ago, vapesmooth234 said:

^ ding ding ding THANK YOU!

why do they even restrict the MOD tab like that!?

Many users found having so many setting over complex, even intimidating, one thing I have noticed over the years on this forum is so many people think that when there is a setting they need to change it for their mod, mostly they don't.   So Evolv hid them by default to avoid that, the mod tab should have been filled out by the mod maker and 99% of users don't need to go there if this has been done, but they can if they want.   Sort of can't please all of the people all of the time and they only hid it not removed it.

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