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More than 1 DNA with Escribe

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I have two different DNA200s, which have different cases and batteries and have to be careful not load the .ecig file from the other as it will assign the mod specific values (everything on the Mod tab) even though it is the other device ID and the result would be undesirable.  I would like to load and save non device specific settings without the risk of changing these values.  There are lots of ways to factor this, but I think that there should be a device type and prompt box before overwriting battery and device parameters as a safety device to stop inadvertently overwriting these on a different device. 

In the same vein I feel non device specific settings should be independently handled, that would the be General, Theme and Screen tab setting.  Maybe a few check boxes for importing settings form another config would be the easiest to do quickly.

(You know it good when the suggestions are about fine details like this)

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Connect and download settings on Hana.
Write down the Mod Tab settings including the battery settings.
Connect and download settings from the mod you want to copy. 

File->Save As. 
Connect Hana, then File->Open the previously saved file.
Fill in the correct Mod/battery settings you previously wrote down. 

Upload settings to second device.
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