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3x 18650 mod set up question


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im wondering for the new wismec when you set up the battery setting in the mod tab, how should one set it up? ill be using vtc4 (3x) and vtc5 (3x) and my 2nd set. so lets say for the vtc4 would i put in 2100mah and 3.6v as lith ion setting 3cell or would i put in 2100x3 at 3.6 or 2100mah and 3.6 x 3 as the nominal voltage. i dont have any resistors to run a battery analyzer.

thanks for any and all advice in advance

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I have a question to Evolv Team.

The battery type could be actually Lipo or LiFePo4

When we use VTC4 from Sony or LG Battery, the chemistry of those batteries are not a Lipo, not a LiFePo4.

Nominal max charge voltage for a Lipo is 4.2V
Nominal max charge voltage for a LiFePo4 is 3.6V

So regarding this, we should stay in Lipo mode if we want a full charge (100%) of our Sony or LG batteries.

Is it correct ?

Could you also specify the Max charge voltage for the optimization also available in Escribe for the 2 chemistry ?
Actually I know that for Lipo it is 4.1V & 4.2V
What for LiFePo4 ?

In advance.... Thank you....

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