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  1. Has anyone already try this upgrade provided by Lost Vape ? (SetupEScribe2_2019-05-15_INT_SP20.exe)
  2. My Paranormal died also today, after 1 year and 2 month. When you are just in Holliday with this mod, you are very happy ;-( When i leave it without battery for some times, and put again the batteries, it work well during 1 or 2 minutes. After this time, it does not want to fire, or sometimes does not want to unlock. Button goes crazy…… If connected to escribe, when i try to read the parameter, i get an eeprom read error. Seems that temperature of the chipset rise when batteries are in the mod, and that the chipset fail to do anything. I take care of my mod, no trace of liquid,
  3. Thanks Retird ;-) The situation is now more bad. As you, i think now that it is not a Windows problem, but a DNA250C Chipset problem. Now, my Paranormal does not want to unlock, i have try to verify all the parameter and when i send the data, i get an eerom error. I have try to flash the firmware, with success… but no change. And now, after a lot of attempt to unlock, i see something very strange with the button… fire act as fire but also as up, select act as up or does not respond…… seems a big problem now. Well…. this box has 1 year and 2 months…. and is mostly dead.
  4. Problem with new Windows 10 1903. The monitoring windows display the value and graph, but after a small time, graph does not progress even if the value on the left part seems updated, and another small time after, the value on the left part also also no more updated (they stay fix). Before, with previous version of Windows 10 (1803), i don't have this problem. Does anyone also have experienced this ?
  5. Small bug with DNA250C 1.1SP38 INT Escribe 2.0SP19 In the monitor windows, counter for number of replay since "last reset" are not reset when you reinitialize the value. All other value are well reset to 0.
  6. SP19 INT apply on DNA250C and GO…..no problems under Windows….
  7. And what about the DNA Go update ? Just buy one….don't want to brick it with the update, but also does not want to brick it with the idle state problem….
  8. Downloaded SP17 International Version...but strange, it want to apply US version of firmware SP17 (1.1 SP35) on my Paranormal 250C and not the INTL version.... what is wrong ?
  9. Thank's Retird for the files.... now we can play a little more
  10. An update: i am now at 25% 25% with 6955Wh which mean 27820Wh.... this fluctuate a lot And after changing the power in Kanthal using Escribe, so i reloaded the parameter, i get this: A jump to 46% from before 25%...... really strange
  11. So if i follow your mind, now the level does not reflect the level of the battery reflecting his voltage but now the capacity. Ok, let's try, i am now at 20% 5675 Wh. So 100% = 5 x 5675 = 28375Wh, which seems correct. It is really strange that before the update, the level reflect exactly the reference of the battery csv. I have always used this to charge at 3.8V per cell my box for storage. I do this for my RC models as for my box . I must simply change my reference observing the charge for my different box, regarding what is the Wh at 3.8v
  12. Ok, but it seems that we have another problem now. Voltage on the 3 cells is correct, but the level is very strange. When i check on my battery curve in the mod section, 3.63V is about 35.8% so why is it indicated 14% ?
  13. Hello, Just apply the new SP5 on my DNA200 which have always before the 0% level of charge problem. After applying this service pack, the level seems to work again. Correction seems well working
  14. Hi Luri, Seems that the first one has a problem. Does your mod go in sleeping mode ?
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