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Escribe update?

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I got my first DNA box about 2 weeks ago. I was waiting for the Realeaux, and finally got it. First thing I noticed was the the watt feel option was no longer on Escribe(I watched Phils videos before attempting anything). I've been waiting those 2 weeks+ now for an Escribe update to hopefully bring back the option, but I haven't gotten an update notification yet. Does anyone from Evolv post on here when there is an update, has Escribe gotten an update in the last couple weeks and I'm just not seeing it, or did they move the option to a different place and I just didn't see it?

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RunsWithOtter said:

I'll probably continue to wait for my escribe to give me the update notification. I'm just curious if I was missing something. The link you posted doesn't seem to work.

Fixed the link, I would use the latest IIWU, you can always downgrade in the unlikely event of something not working as well as an older version.

ninjard by dc601
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