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Can I Vape at 100w all day on a 1850mAh LiPo?


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It will be about the same vaping time that a series box with 2 18650's will allow you.

1850mAh 3c LiPo = 20 watt/hrs

2 (2500mAh) 18650's in series = 18.5 watt/hrs

2 (3000mAh) 18650's in series = 22.2 watt/hrs

So, the Lipo falls right in between the two.  Very similar vape time between it and the 3000mAh 18650's.  That is assuming you can build or find a mod with a 1850mAh Lipo in it.

Also, keep in mind that the Lipo pack will likely be more stable with less sag at 100W.

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I can vape all day at 30 watt twin coils on a 1300mah lipo not in temp mode,  i reccon in temp mode i would get a lot better performance out the battery,  i probly use 10 /12 ml of juice in a day, 
i would say doubtfull,   at 100 watt on a 1500 lipo, and re think my coils, to a bit smaller but same heat your after, but would bring the power down a bit..
what do you vape on at that?

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have only heard good things on here about Vaporlips, rule of thumb is x3 on lipo mah compared to 18650's, so to match a 3000 mah lipo with 18650's you would need to find 3 x 3000mah = enough to get 9000mah, hope that aint as clear as mud but not getting to scientific a lipo is three times moor efficient.

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