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    Loading custom screens...

    Thanks so much for your help!!!
  2. Arbegust

    Loading custom screens...

    Okay, I took the tutorial and everything so perhaps I'm a tad dense, but how does one create and load custom screens? I know they have to be 128xsome odd pixels, but every time I look for a file I have created I can't find it. I tried word and notepad. Perhaps I'm barking up the wrong tree. Could someone help? Thanks!!!!
  3. In retrospect this was probably not a wise thing to do, I hadn't considered it fully. Once I unplugged it it worked fine. Does anyone have any thoughts? Thanks! Won't stick it in car charger again.
  4. I appreciate all the replies-and it's true that it charges fast. I actually found a company, Vaporlips I think, that custom builds dna200's. They claim to have a 3000mHa battery. Is that as good as it seems, or should I be wary?
  5. Simple curious if I can Vape all day in moderation at 100w on an 1850mAh LiPo battery. Somewhat confused about the variance between LiPo/18650.
  6. Arbegust

    Hana V200

    If I may ask something unrelated, I just got my v200 and noticed the battery rattles some when the unit is shaken. Is this normal? Appreciate any help!
  7. Arbegust

    Hana V200

    Well that's kinda crappy, but as long as functionality is good I guess I'm okay. Thanks!
  8. Arbegust

    Hana V200

    I know this may not seem relevant to this string, but does anyone know if the issue involving the 510 connector to remain depressed has been addressed with the Hana? I have also heard the atomizers don't fit flush the unit. Expecting mine tomorrow. Appreciate any feedback!
  9. Hello, my v200 arrives tomorrow, and I must admit that I'm a little nervous about what I've heard about the sticky/not flush 510. Does anyone know if this has been fixed. Also, I know it's relative, about how long would you guess battery life is at 49-65w? Thanks for any help!