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Heatsinks for onboard chips

Michael Hancock

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So I decided to add heatsinks to the 2 main chips on my board. I found some nice little solid copper ones that have thermal tape already on the back and figured I would share. I sacrificed one by cutting it in half to make sure they were indeed solid copper and not just coated. They need no modification and are so close to an exact fit it was scary because I figured I would have to do some cutting to get the size/fit to be perfect.



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The first board i sent back.. one of those black mosfet things had a fire, i'll post a pic of it up when i get to the computer, I've seen a few like it and thought it was a text book blown chip.. you live and learn aye.. it would be nice to have a full road map of a dna 200 all parts and functions listed.
update, cant find dam photo, was a good shot as well a perfect little hole burned through the one corner, like it hadn't bonded and had arked through. 

it looks like the mod your building is going to have some size to it..
also i notice you have a red tab on your screen rarther than green, in box, is that old or new stok.

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