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sleeps board


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Try updating firmware. Mine is behaving just like that, but i have Warranty message after being connected to escribe, and besides that it is charging at 0.09A and getting warm - So i suppose new VS to come... The second one. This one has maybe 2 weeks (more or less the same time than previous one, and both them was from same date) Maybe a bad batch?

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My Hcigar Vt200 is doing the same, its always warm when plugged in even if it is fully charged. If I dont use it for 2-15min, the screen goes off and needs to be plugged in for it to wake up.
My other dna200 from vapecige has been working perfectly.
Photo of the temperature after it has been plugged in for 24 hours or so, not used, board is at 97F in full idle, my other mod is 85F even when in frequent use.


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