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A few battery questions/concerns.


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So I just got my first DNA 200 a few days ago(Reuleaux). Everything is more or less ok but after charging via usb cable in an a/c adapter(is this acceptable?) I noticed it had quit charging at about halfway. I attached the device to escribe to see what was going on and the cells are reading as follows...

Pack: 11.73 v
Cell 1: 4.20 v
Cell 2: 3.90 v
Cell 3: 3.68 v

Now I haven't got any messages about batter imbalance and the device is still working fine. My batteries are Efest 3000mah 35amp, all brand new. I was hoping someone could explain to me what I should do to get the batteries balanced and get my meter showing the correct charge, assuming that this amount of charge is well above the half it's showing (is it?). Obviously I am a complete noob to the DNA 200, I'm assuming I need discharge profiles for the batteries I have or something but i don't really know where to start. Any help would be much appreciated.

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They balance at the end of the charge cycle IIRC, so if the batteries were at different voltages before I would expect that, but IIWY I would charge them all fully on an external charger so they are at the same voltage when you install them and they should not get that out of balance continuing with the USB charging unless there is a fault, but you need to get them balanced to tell really. 

IMO those batteries are OK if you are not at very high watts as they are only really 20 A continuous current https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/threads/efest-purple-35a-3000mah-18650-bench-test-results-only-a-20a-battery-equal-to-hg2-and-30q-though.711203/

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Thanks good to know, I'll get them all balanced with another charger. Know where I can find out which batteries will give me the full continuous discharge rate? It'd only be 23 amps max vs the 20 i have though so watts would have to be really high (like 150 at least) to make the difference...correct?

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Ok, so I got them all charged up individually and my meter read 100%, but after trying to charge them via usb again they've returned to the same state. The meter won't charge higher than 43% and the batteries are out of balance again:

1: 3.62 v
2: 4.2 v
3 3.83 v

Why?! Is this an issue with my battery meter, usb charging, or the batteries themselves.

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Fully charged they read:

Cell 1 4.21 v
Cell 2 4.07 v
Cell 3 4.04 v

I should also mention that my batteries are wrapped with electrical tape, they wouldnt make contact when wrapped. I think what is happening is cells 1 and 3 (the back ones) aren't getting the best connectivity. I didn't get a chance to mark the odd battery out last time (WAS in cell 2) but I assume it's now in cell 1. I won't know if I'm correct until I try another charge, if 1 and 3 lag behind again I think it's safe to assume that's it. One more question I'd have is how I can wrap these batteries WITHOUT messing up the connection, as chamber on the reuleaux is really tight, paper maybe?

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no disrespect to Efest,,and god knows I've had some,,, But,,, the last ones I had,,, cheap,,, there are a lot of them about nowadays , to use in a mech mod,, I had to get the rust off the contacts and the wrap or skin was very thin and split, and just wasn't right compared to other ones I've had,, I resurrected some vtc4s from a twin parallel DNA 30 clone mod that had had several months heavy use and every night charging, I can tell you that those old batteries, just one on its own out performed the purple things, and they were supposed to be new...
below is a shot of the two vtc4, with a blob of solder on each end to make a tight contact in a loose sled and re skinned with 20mm heat shrink, which is about .5mm thick, a lot thicker than standard for both the Sony and Efest


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