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Vaporshark Fire Button Worn

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The finish on my fire button is pretty worn and I have only had the device for 3 months. Just curious if anyone else is having the same issue. No mechanical or electrical issues, purely aesthetic. I'll post a pic when I'm home.

EDIT: I posted this is software by accident, can't move it. Admin help please :)

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I also have a VaporShark and have a slightly different issue with the fire button. Sometimes, when I press it, it makes the usual audible click but the mod doesn't register the click. At other times, I press the fire button once, and find my device is locked--that is, the mod seems to have received 3 clicks. Makes me think the fire button is "loose" inside or has a partially faulty electrical contact.

Haven't wanted to ask for a replacement, though, as it's my primary mod and don't feel like dealing with the hassle. Just learned to press the button harder when firing.

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