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Vt200 wont power on unless plugged in [Confirmation please]


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Hi, new to the forum and the vaping world in general. Thought i should quit smoking sooner than later. Any ways, as you can see from the title, my vt200 wont power on unless its plugged in. Also throws the "ohms to high" error when it is. So just to confirm, this is more than likely the fuse, since it would only be running usb power causing the ohms to be too high. Thanks in advance. 

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Yeah its either going to be that, or I have a buddy who mods. I bought a second hand r80 and its honestly getting the job done in the mean time. So its not a big worry, except for the $100 paper weight I have in the meantime. Thanks again guys. You can go ahead and close this if that's a thing on this forum. 

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