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Randomly switching to power mode from temp


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For the past few days my mod has been switching to power mode when using NiFe 30 

Not particularly a worry given the material however it has ruined cotton. 

just recently the profile decided to use 199w as it's starting wattage before switching to the 85 I have it set for

for some reason the following steps work as a work around

  • switch to a titanium profile
  • fire in temp for titanium
  • return to NiFe 
  • when coils are cool lock ohms
I decided to reset my device and remake the profile so we will see how that fairs. 

Device is a tuglyfe

attached is previous profile


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been having the same sort of issue myself dude.

Has this happened since the update?

I have noticed my only custom profile doesn't fill the graph from the start, it starts after a little gap, i noticed yours don't either. (don't take that as the reason as i have asked the question myself)

Are they SteamEngine profiles?

Im just trying to put 2+2 together to see if i can find out why. o.O

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