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Incorrect display text when switching profiles

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1.0.42 Escribe 
Releaux dna 200


I have just updated to this software version and now on my profiles when i switch through them there are 2 lines of text.

The 1st being what i wanted it to be and what i entered in the "name" section of the profile but underneath it will say a wire type that is wrong. For example "NICKEL 200" when in fact the profile is set to 50w with temp sensing turned off.

This didn't happen with the previous software, how am i able to fix this please?

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Thanks for that.

This is a basic 35w profile i use for Kanthal attached.

I think the temp sensing is off but maybe the coil material part that is greyed out is what is making the text?

I can't seem to change it to Kanthal either, only nickel, SS or titanium. Do i need to add a kanthal profile in materials or something? dna.png 

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