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Screen issues


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Having a weird issue with a custom DNA-200 I had made. The screen immediately dims after the fire button is released and sporadically it will just work normally but mostly will not. Odd thing is is that I have it's twin brother setup identically to it and it does not exhibit this behaviour. I've restored default settings and I've hard rebooted the device to no avail.

Video displaying problem: https://youtu.be/IgTlFaQ9FRA
Before I started playing with settings the screen would only be lit while the fire button was pressed. I now have it to where it will only be dimmed.


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Hmm.. Weird that it works fine above a certain charge level if it's a screen issue but I really wouldn't know.

Guy who wired it for me doesn't really have time to deal with it so I guess I will wait until I am back to work and replace it with the Lavabox or something. Thanks guys.

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